Jim’s Challenge

These are not trick questions…

As you watch a real life drama unfold on the TV, be it a tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption or civil war, you know there will be hundreds of casualties, but some will miraculously be pulled out alive. What determines who lives or dies? Survival skills, pure random chance, or a fate preordained for each individual?

A man has an unwavering daily routine, timed to the second because it never changes. Get up, shower, dress, have a cup of tea and one slice of toast, arrive at the bus stop forty seconds before the bus, get off twenty minutes later and be at the office at eight fifty five precisely. One day a dollop of marmalade necessitates a change of tie. He rushes to the bus stop, cross at this bad luck for he will miss the bus, and be late for work. At the bus stop he discovers a crashed van has killed someone standing on the spot he would have occupied if he had been on time. Who would not want that type of bad luck?

Two similar men with the same skills, capacity for hard work, and background do an almost identical job. One lived a contented life and eventually died of old age in the bosom of his family, but the rest of the world considered him to have lived in obscurity. The other man died as he had lived, discontented and frustrated, but afterwards his accomplishment was hailed by mankind. Books and plays were written, and statues erected. His name was talked about hundreds of years after his death. How is such success determined? Which man was the more successful? Which would you rather be?

Answer these questions then answer them again, after you have read ADONGIVA. Have you changed your answer, become more sure, or less?

Tell me your second answer. The best one will get a free copy of the sequel to this book, once it is published.

Jim Costello

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