What does Adongiva mean?

When the hero of  the book, Hiram, is persuaded by his friend to do whatever it is that he always wanted to do but never had the chance, his friend says “If anybody tells you that buying a boat is a daft idea, tell them ‘I don’t give a damn.'” Hiram shortens this advice to ADONGIVA.

What’s the connection between Adongiva and Star Trek?

The hero, Hiram, is a Trekkie, and when he meets Ivanovitch Petrovski, the Russian naval architect who designs the ship, he discovers he is too. Ivanovitch designs the Adongiva in the likeness of the Starship Enterprise, in that it is a trimaran with a central accomodation section at the bow. (Researching the design with a yacht captain, the author learned that a ship shaped exactly like the Enterprise would be unstable in water, so he changed the accommodation area from the Enterprise’s horizontal disk shape to a rugby ball.)

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