Adongiva 2nd Chance

After all his trials and tribulations, Hiram Montgomery finally finished his luxurious and unique super yacht, the Adongiva. Building a magnficent ship and crewing it with the best people available might sound like the culmination of a dream, unless it was just the first of many interesting tales.

Anyone not directly involved, as passenger or crew, in the daily activities on a luxury cruise yacht, might assume it potentially capable of being boring. There would have to be some pretty interesting things happening to break up the monotony.

I suppose being buzzed by fighter jets while being chased by a warship could be considered unusual. Crossing an army firing range during a live firing exercise would definitely not be recommended. Walking on a notoriously dangerous quicksand beach could give a definite sinking feeling.

How do you feel about an encounter with a rather large and undiscovered sea monster? Getting involved in an international espionage caper might sound intriguing, but is not without risks. A several centuries old magic spell could not possibly harm anyone today, could it?

Imagine a very powerful computer, with a unique level of artificial intelligence and curiosity that can initiate its own research. How do you think such a brain might react on discovering it had not been told the complete truth, and that not everybody is to be trusted?

Oh yes! Let’s not forget the pirates. Modern day pirates are really bad news and to be avoided if at all possible.

After all these adventures, was Hiram Montgomery any closer to answering the question posted right back at the beginning of his story. Are we in control of our own destiny? Or is our inevitable fate at the end of a preordained path which we have no choice but to follow?


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