About the Author

Photo of sci-fi author Jim CostelloScotsman Jim Costello’s writing draws on his interesting and varied career to create rich, compelling reading.

Reinventing himself many times, he has worked in psychiatric nursing, the Royal Navy, gents’ outfitting, the civil service, and political campaigning and fundraising. As election agent and a senior party executive, he has worked with many well-known Cabinet Ministers, MPs, MEPs and Members of the House of Lords.

Jim has always had a love of the sea and of science fiction, especially Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, E Doc Smith and John Wyndham. He’s also very fond of Stark Trek!

His other interests and hobbies include backgammon, fish keeping, gardening, photography and rabbits. His current house rabbit is a lovable little hooligan called Toffee.

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